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There are many experienced trainers out there. All help people reach their goals in unique ways. My focus is entirely on quality instruction and giving attention to my clients to get them where they need to be. Getting to know my clients is an important part of the process. I offer personal training service for individuals who want to build muscle, lose weight and feel great. My training style is high quality I attribute to having competed 4 times in bodybuilding, graduated Bachelors Degree from Oregon State in Kinesiology, and being NSCA and KIEP Certified.

One of my clients recently told me I am responsible for helping them fit into clothes they couldn’t fit before. This is why I enjoy training and helping people. To transform their lives to move better without pain and build confidence. Thats what I am passionate about. Helping you. If you are looking for this call me and we will talk.

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Connor does well to balance professionalism with a casual and laid back approach to personal training. He’s well versed and knowledgeable about the body and how each piece is connected to the other. In addition, he understands that everyone he works with is different; their bodies, the way they intake information, and how they’re likely to respond to what he is asking of them. Overall, my first experience with Connor is why I came back, and still choose to only work with him.
Julian C.

Connor is an excellent trainer no matter your skill level. I began training with Connor with very little experience. Connor accommodated my schedule very well, and taught me many different exercises to achieve my personal goals. Connor spent time to ensure I had proper form to maximize results and avoid potential injuries. About 6 months in and I’m still learning new things and seeing progress. I would highly recommend.
Cody W.